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Bruce - The Musical by Bob Sarti - Produced by Theatre In the Raw Society...Our recent mainstage production, Bruce - The Musical, an original two-act musical drama about the life of the late legendary Vancouver Downtown Eastside activist Bruce Eriksen was a roaring success!

Bruce Eriksen transformed the neighbourhood's image from Skid Road to residential community. It's a tale of triumph and tragedy, full of human drama, action, humour and song. Written by past Sun Newspaper Reporter Bob Sarti, lyrics by Sarti and music by Bill Sample (recipient of the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame... and Earle Peach, directed by our own Jay Hamburger of Theatre In the Raw.

We were honoured to present "Bruce: The Musical" (formerly named "The Tipping Point")... November 6 - 16, 2008 (opened November 6th) at The Russian Hall) in Vancouver's Strathcona community - during the same time as the wonderful 2008 Heart of the City Festival.

click here to find out what's going on "the drive" with Steve Duncan...
left to right: Danielle St. Pierre (Libby Davies); Playwright Bob Sarti; Anna Kuman (Jean Swanson) and Libby Davies, MP at the opening of "Bruce - The Musical"
photo by Steve Duncan

Some audience reviews and feedback from those who attended "Bruce - The Musical" >>

"...quite a sweet experience."
—Peter Birnie, The Vancouver Sun

"...the show was a roaring success on opening night..."
Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

"...its heart is in the right place..."
"...the music by Bill Sample and Earle Peach is excellent..."

Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

"...What polish! What energy! What feeling!
In short, what a fabulous performance! We were totally knocked sideways."

"…Congratulations on a fine production… a good piece of work!"

"…Wonderful show, reminded me of my mispent youth."

"…I saw your production this weekend and just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it..."

"…It was educational and entertaining and a great night out."

"…Compliments to your cast including Bruce and Libby who were fantastic and their chemistry - WOW!"

"…Compliments also to the band and composer of some great songs. "

"…Great job Theatre in the Raw!" "…it was a really enjoyable show and we learned a lot."

"…Way to go everyone. I really enjoyed the performance of Bruce - The Musical tonight. I had never heard of Bruce Eriksen so it was really an inspirational story for someone like me that loves history so much."

"Performances so genuine that there is a real sense of sadness
mixed with the laughs."
—The Vancouver Sun

• Online & Newspaper Articles about Bruce - The Musical:

- Crusty activist's fight for the city's poor worth singing about >>
...Pete McMartin, Vancouver Sun

- Vancouver play a walk on the wild side >>
...Petti Fong Western Canada Bureau Chief of the Toronto Star

- Who would get the vote out? >>
...Rod Mickleburgh of The Globe and Mail

- Downtown Eastside love-in sings >>
... Jo Ledingham of The Vancouver Courier

- Bruce inspires more than community >>
...Tom Harrison of the Vancouver Province

- Singing his praises Bruce: The Musical celebrates Downtown Eastside activist >>
...by Sarah Berman, Megaphone Magazine - November 12, 2008

- Thursday, November 6 - Bruce, the Musical, and Carnegie Community Centre >>
...COPE (Coalition of Progressive Electors) Online Blog

- Review: Bruce - The Musical >>
...by Robyn Livingstone, Carnegie Newsletter, November 15, 2008

- From Rabble.ca - link to Co-op Radio 102.7 - 15:41 min >>
...Red Eye Radio Show - Interview with Bob Sarti, playwright of Bruce - The Musical

- Bruce is back! - The Columbia Journal >>

- Bruce–The Musical pays tribute to activist Bruce Eriksen >>
...Colin Thomas of the Vancouver Straight

- Bruce Eriksen From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia >>

"Bruce" Slideshow...

Below... a slideshow archive photos of Bruce Eriksen, Libby Davies, Jean Swanson, including shots of cast and crew of our wonderful show, Bruce - The Musical... Enjoy!

We were thrilled that...

"Bruce The Musical" opened to a full house on Thursday, November 6th and the wonderful Libby Davies was in attendance - and she loved it! ...Here's a clip of our opening of "Bruce - The Musical" by Bob Sarti...

The "Bruce - The Musical" infamous Trailor...

We produced and posted a trailor via YouTube to promote, Bruce The Musical! Please feel free to pass onto your friends to help spread the word about this great show and we always welcome your feedback...please leave a comment on our YouTube page - thank you! Thank you Sid Tan, Bob Sarti and all who contributed...

Some photos - new and archival...

Composer Bill Sample,  who  is  Musical Director/Arranger and  Instrumentalist for Bruce  The Musical...
We were thrilled to have Composer Bill Sample (recipient of the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame) as our Musical Director/Arranger and Instrumentalist...
Bruce Eriksen and Playwright, Bob Sarti at Carnegie Centre...
The late great Bruce Eriksen & Bob Sarti, Playwright of "Bruce - The Musical" in front of the famous Downtown Eastside "Living Room", Carnegie Centre...

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2" color="#000000"><font size="1">Bruce Eriksen, Alderman at Vancouver City
Bruce Eriksen, Alderman at Vancouver City Council...

The Cabaret version of the  Tipping Point now renamed Bruce - The Musical...
The earlier Cabaret Production of "The Tipping Point" now renamed "Bruce - The Musical...
Bruce Eriksen and Harry Rankin  discussing local civic politics...
Bruce Eriksen and Harry Rankin most likely strategizing...

The famous Bruce Eriksen Mural at Carnegie Centre...
Bruce Eriksen's famous mural on the construction fence around Carnegie Centre - of which he helped save...

Left: Jason Logan (Marty's speech to save Carnegie)
photo by John Ferguson

"Bruce (Steve Maddock) & Libby (Danielle St. Pierre)" in Bruce - The Musical by Bob Sarti Bruce - The Musical by Bob Sarti
photo by Sindy Angel

The Roaches: l to r: Adam Abrams; Dave Campbell and zi paris in Bruce - The Musical by Bob Sarti
photo by Steve Duncan

The Roaches: l to r: Adam Abrams; Dave Campbell and zi paris in Bruce - The Musical by Bob Sarti
photo by Sindy Angel

Anna Kuman (Jean); Steve Maddock (Bruce) and Kuei-ming Lin (Mrs. Leung) in Bruce - The Musical by Bob Sarti
photo by John Ferguson

Mikal Grant (Reporter) in Bruce - The Musical by Bob Sarti - photo by John Ferguson

Sylvan Hamburger and Madelaine Sommers as kids in Bruce - The Musical by Bob Sarti - photo by John Ferguson

Bruce - The Musical by Bob Sarti
photo by Sindy Angel

l to r: Jason Logan (Marty); Steve Maddock (Bruce); Adam Abrams (Danny) and Danielle St. Pierre (Libby) in Bruce - The Musical by Bob Sarti - photo by John Ferguson

zi paris (Barkeep) and Anna Kuman (Jean) in Bruce - The Musical by Bob Sarti - photo by John Ferguson

A Video Tribute to Bruce Eriksen produced by working TV
- Click on the below logos to view the video tribute on YouTube -

Click here to view Part 1 of the video tribute to Bruce Eriksen at YouTube...

Click here to view Part 2 of the video tribute to Bruce Eriksen at YouTube...
YouTube VIDEO -

Click here to view Part 3 of the video tribute to Bruce Eriksen at YouTube...
YouTube VIDEO -
PART 3 >>

We wish to thank our gracious sponsors of Bruce The Musical:

Thank you to the City of Vancouver...
The City of Vancouver

Canada Council
for the Arts

Thank you to The Hamber Foundation
The Hamber Foundation

City Scene Display

Vancouver & District
Labour Council

The BC Gaming Commission
BC Gaming Commission

CP Charitable One


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We thank Libby Davies for supporting Bruce The Musical...
Thank You! to Libby Davies Member of Parliament
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The Sarti Family The Hamburger Family Theatre In the Raw Society

"Bruce" Transit Shelter Poster at 3rd & Commercial
photo by Steve Duncan

Thank you!

...to all who came out to the "Bruce" shows
and to those who volunteered to help out during the run...
we couldn't do it without you!

Also, thank you to Patricia & staff @ Urban Empire
for being our "Bruce - The Musical" Ticket Outlet!
We couldn't have done it without you!
If you're ever looking for that unique gift... Urban Empire is the place!
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urban empire - thank you!
Urban Empire @ 1108 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC

A special thank you to Werner Nolte of City Scene Display
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photo by Atty Gell © 2008

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