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Theatre In the Raw is proud to present the RATTLE BAG - SUMMER 2016 ONE-ACT MINI-FEST for a limited time, 3 exciting Original One-Act Plays - happening in July on both the Westside & Eastside of Vancouver-town.

Three Original One-Act Plays, two of which are winners of the TITR Biennial Play Writing Contest! Back in 1999 Theatre In the Raw's Artistic Director, Jay Hamburger initiated a one-act playwriting contest offering cash prizes for the best work submitted, plus an offer to mount the plays in future One-Act Play Festivals. In this way, Theatre In the Raw has been able to advance the careers of new and more established writers/ playwrights while providing the Vancouver theatre-going scene audiences with new works every two years!

The 2016 One-Act Festival includes: And a live reading of an original Patrick Foley's play, The Rounder - The Rounder sets a less than enthusiastic, young by-law enforcement officer against an irascible old bum who just wants to be left alone to sleep and keep dreaming of better times. The only problem is he's occupying a City bus stop bench in the middle of the day. Into this conflict comes the paragon of an all busybody lady who knows her rights and won't be satisfied until she gets her own way. Who wins in the end? The answer is a surprise!

A live premiere reading of Virginia Hayden's play, Bel Canto - Bel Canto is set in the world of the Opera where an aging tenor is obsessed with his leading role in Giuseppi Verdi's opera, Otello. His leading lady - the Soprano who plays Desdemona - does not live up to his expectations of the character. However his real-life lover does: Otello imagines his lover to be the epitome of femininity and virtue - a true Desdemona. But as reality and illusion intertwine, tragedy approaches. But a tragedy for whom? A tale of passion and gender, with a twist or two for those who have an interest in things operatic!

Linda McCready's dramatic comedy Finders Keepers centres on a concerned daughter visiting her aged mother where issues of mental health, hoarding, and aging while living alone and being independent are addressed in a lighthearted and moving convergence of events. Does Helen change her ways with her excessive knack to accumulate? Wait and see... This one-act won second prize with our 2013 one-act play writing contest.

Venues: July 2nd & 3rd at the Local Loft Café, 295-2083 Alma St. (Kitsilano/ Westside)

July 8th & 9th at Spartacus Books, 3378 Findlay St. (Cedar Cottage/ Eastside)

Doors @ 7:00 - Curtain @ 7:30 pm; $10 Dollars at Door or sliding scale donation; No Reservations; Limited Seating - parking available.

Featuring artistic performances by: Sally Anderson, Paul Beckett*, Davey Calderon, Lynne Karey-McKenna, Mirella Gibeau, Ralston Harris, Damon Jang, Mony Konkanala, Brian Leslie and Olivia Poon as well produced and directed by Jay Hamburger… Costumes by Hillary Kaplan; additional assistance Paul Bjorn, Roger Howie, Monty Martin, Adeline Martin, Michelle Karey-McKenna, Sylvan Hamburger, and Atty Gell.
Three original one-act plays that will give you a boost in your day! Come see some live theatre today and add a little zest and vigor to your life!*appears with permission of Canadian Actors Equity Association.

July 2nd & 3rd at the Local Loft Café, 295-2083 Alma St. (Kits/ Westside)

July 8th & 9th at Spartacus Books, 3378 Findlay St. (Cedar Cottage/ Eastside)

Doors @ 7:00 Curtain @ 7:30 pm
$ 10 Dollars at Door
No Reservations
Limited Seating


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