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click here for contest flier!! Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
It's that time again... Our...

9th Biennial One-Act Playwriting Contest 2014/2015

The 2013 Contest Winners >>
Our 2015 Flier with all guidelines and details (pdf) >>

We're looking for the best, new and fresh One-Act plays never before performed or published. (Plays can be previously workshopped). We particularly look forward to plays submitted on themes of cultural/social diversity!

The Winners Will Receive:

First Prize: A $200 cash prize. At least one dramatic reading or staging of the play at a Theatre In the Raw cafe/venue or as part of a mini-tour program for the One-Act Play Series Nights.
Second Prize: A $100 cash prize.
Third Prize: A $75 cash prize.
Honorable Mentions, Social Issue Recognition & Youth Issue Recognition:
No cash prize, but constructive critique returned with note of appreciation.
- Winners will be announced June 30, 2016
Philomena by P. Foley
by Patrick Foley
Guidelines, Entry Rules and Fee:
Plays not submitted via ALL Guideline/Entry Rules and/or without the entry fee(s) will be returned - not read.
All One-Act Play Submissions must be:

• An original One-Act play (comedy, tragedy, drama or radio play), unpublished and unproduced. (Plays can be previously workshopped). PLEASE DO NOT SEND US 2-ACT PLAYS - This is a One-Act Play Contest.
No longer than 30 double-spaced typed pages equal to 30 minutes, with no more than 6 characters, presented in proper stage-play format, and scripts MUST have page numbers. (Please include a SASE (with your present/current contact address) for return of script. Send copies only of script. NO original manuscripts.)

There is an entry fee of $25 for each one-act submitted to Theatre In the Raw. (For two plays: $45 - For three plays: $70 - For four plays: $90) (FEES ARE IN CANADIAN FUNDS, FOR U.S. & FOREIGN ENTRIES, PLEASE SEND A U.S CHEQUES OR POSTAL MONEY ORDERS)
Please make cheques/money orders payable to "Theatre In the Raw", bearing the submission date and NAME OF PLAY ENTRY and AUTHOR on cheque memo line.(Note: Plays without the entry fee cheque or funds will be returned unread.)(Sorry, NO EMAIL SUBMISSIONS will be accepted! - Plays must be submitted in hard copy and pages numbered.)

Mail Submissions to:

(Sorry, NO EMAIL SUBMISSIONS will be accepted!)
Theatre In the Raw Society
Artistic Director/One Act Play Contest
3521 Marshall Street
Vancouver, BC V5N 4S2 Canada

(Please make entry fee cheques/money order payable to "Theatre In the Raw Society")

Questions? Tel: 604-708-5448
Deadline for Entries:

All Entries must be mailed and postmarked no later than December 31, 2015


*Theatre In the Raw reserves the right to suggest changes, workshop and play-edit scripts, pending approval of the playwright, before production, reading, or presentation. The author agrees to consider these changes and no changes will be made without explicit prior approval of the author and mutual agreement with TITR. Any such changes become the sole and exclusive property of the Author without lien, claim, or encumbrance.

**No plays will be considered where there has been any fees previously paid for performance(s) and... please no more than 3-4 plays submitted per playwright. This will be strictly adhered to.

***Contest entry fees and winning prizes in Canadian Funds. Sorry, NO EMAIL SUBMISSIONS will be accepted!

****If a winning One-Act is staged by Theatre In the Raw, we would very much appreciate being mentioned for the production in future play programs.

Final Deadline for Entries:
- All Entries must be mailed and postmarked
no later than December 31, 2015
Our 8th Biennial Contest Winners!
here yeeeeee...!Thank you to all that participated in the contest. We read submissions from over 35 entrants and listed below are the winning One-Act plays! There were very exciting scripts submitted and we will produce a few in the near future. Congratulations to everyone who particpated. We were very impressed with the originality and diversity of the scripts as well as the quality of writing. Thank you all for your creative input. It is important.

- Theatre In the Raw
The Finalists:
First Choice
Saitama by Erik Champney
Second Choice:
Catch and Release by Robert Burns
Finders, Keepers by Linda McCready
Third Choice:
For the Dream by Mackenzie Jahnke
Look Up, America by George Johnson
Power Play by Barry Oshry

A Walk in the Park by Anthony Arnold
A Week from Today Thirty Years Later
by Pat Kaufmann
How to Get Published
by David Sard
Wild Dawn Fever by Pat Kaufmann

Social Issues
Play Recognition:

Subway Extension to the Mariana Trench by Andrew Lee
The Way You're Holding Me Now? by Jeremiah Bartram

Youth Theatre:  

Stosh by Paul Manuel Kane
Miracle by Jose Espinoza

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